Shirt Collars

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Collar Types

The collar helps make your shirt distinctive, from casual to dressy. Here are some styles to choose from:

Collar Description
Standard This traditional collar style, popular with executives, can be worn with or without a tie and flatters many face shapes.
Button Down This style features buttonholes on the points which fasten to the collar, eliminating the need for starching. This collar can be worn with or without a tie and can be for business or casual attire.
Short Button Down This variation on the button-down collar features shorter points, most suitable for men with long or oval-shaped faces.
Hidden Button Down This variation on the button-down collar features hidden buttons, making the shirt appear dressier while eliminating the need for starching.
Double Button Down This casual style of button-down collar features two buttons at the neck and long points, making it suitable for framing a wide or round face.
Full Spread Made popular by the Duke of Windsor, this dressy collar is usually worn on formal occasions and looks best with a large tie knot like the Windsor tie knot.
Half Spread This collar, has a medium spread and can be worn with or without a tie.
Cutaway Collar This is a slightly longer version of the Full Spread collar and has wider collar tips that cut back. Can be worn with or without a tie. Looks great with a jacket over the top because the cutback collar wings stay nicely inside your jacket.
Batman Collar This dressy collar has long point, is usually worn with a tie, and best suits men with round or square faces.
Tab Long This dressy, business-style collar features tabs extending from its undersides which fasten together with a snap. This collar must be worn with a tie.
Tab Short This collar, like the Long Tab collar, is dressy and suitable for business attire, and its shorter tabs make your necktie more prominent. Perfect for showing off a gorgeous new tie!
Saint Germaine This collar features two buttons at the neck and because of its long tips is flattering for the man with a round face. Can be worn with or without a tie.
Mao Collar This one button round collar was traditionally worn in China to formal or military occasions but is now considered a casual style, worn without a necktie.
London Long This traditional collar, best worn with business or formal attire, has long points which flatter a man with a round or square face. Usually worn with a tie.
London Long Double Button This classic collar has especially long points and is best suited for men with round faces. Should be worn with a tie.
Modern This collar has long, prominent points, flattering to a round or square face. Can be worn both casually and formally, with our without a tie.
Wing Tip Collar This classy, aptly-named collar is intended for formal wear with a bowtie to black or white tie affairs. The most formal collar of all.
Round Collar The round collar provides a tighter fit on the neck, and its long points flatter round or square faces. Perfect for business or formal attire.

Collar Stiffness

Soft - This level of stiffness works best for casual or business casual shirts.

Normal - Normal stiffness, ideal for business ensembles, is the most popular stiffness choice.

Stiff - A stiff collar should be chosen for formal affairs or when you need to dress to impress!

Removable Collar Stays

These stays can be removed & replaced based on your needs. Please note, removable collar stays are NOT available for the following collars:

  • - Button down
  • - Tab Long
  • - Mao Collar
  • - Wing tip- Smoking collar
  • - Small button down
  • - Short tab collar
  • - Hidden button down
  • - Button Down double button

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