Shirt Cuffs

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Cuff Types

Cuff Description
Single Button Round This timeless, classic barrel style cuff features one button and a round cut - perfect for any ensemble.
Double Button Round This barrel cuff features two buttons, ideal for when you'd prefer a tighter cuff, and a classic rounded style.
Single Button Cut Corner This elegant barrel style cuff features one button and is beveled for style, ideal for business or for pleasure!
Double Button Cut Corner This classic barrel style cuff has two buttons for a traditional look and works best when you want tighter fitting cuffs.
Single Button Square Perhaps the most popular type of cuff in the USA, this versatile style of cuff works with formal, business, or casual attire.
French Round French, or double cuffs, have an extra length of sleeve folded back and fastened with your favorite cufflinks! These are round-cut and are ideal for formal occasions.
French Angled These elegant and formal cuffs are designed so that you may show off your favorite cufflinks in a formal setting. Beveled edges for style.
French Square These French cuffs, made with extra lengths of sleeve which fold back and are fastened by your favorite cufflinks, are square-cut and perfect for formal occasions.
Triple Button Cut Corner This is a traditional barrel cuff with three buttons for when you want a tighter fitting sleeve, beveled for extra style.
Triple Button Round This variation on the traditional barrel cuff has three buttons and works when you want a tighter fitting sleeve. Rounded for style.
Triple Button Square This traditional barrel style cuff features three buttons for a tighter fitting sleeve and is squared for a classic look.
Milanese Cut Corner Milanese cuffs, also known as "James Bond Cuffs," are a stylish choice for formal events or affairs. Beveled edges add unique style.
Milanese Round These Milanese cuffs, also known as "James Bond Cuffs," are perfect for formal events or affairs. Classic round cut style.
Single Button Round (short) Similar to the Single Button Round cuff with a more narrow cuff. A very formal cuff

Cuff Stiffness

Soft - The soft cuff option works best for casual, comfortable shirts.

Standard - The normal cuff option is ideal for business shirts or for when you want to look crisp and sharp.

Stiff - The stiff cuff option is best suited for shirts worn on formal occasions with formal attire.

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