Shipping & Delivery

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

It takes 3 weeks to hand make your shirt, and 4 weeks to hand make your suit. If you’re curious to find out what happens behind the scenes, click here.

I have an event coming up really soon. Can you rush my order?

As you might expect, the construction of a handmade suit or shirt takes a lot of attention and care. But hey, life happens. And we’ll do what we can to ensure you’re looking your best ASAP. Just get in contact as soon as you can and we’ll let you know what we can do.

How much does delivery cost?

Shipping is free on all Australian orders, and a small fee applies to orders to other countries. View detailed shipping costs here.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide, dispatching through our delivery partners.

Which couriers do you use?

For orders made in Australia and New Zealand, we use two: AAE (Australian Air Express) and Australia Post.

For international orders, we use Royal Mail, FedEx, DHL and TNT.

How can I track my order?

You’ll receive the tracking details in an email when your order is dispatched. You can also do track it by logging into your account. Alternatively, contact us and we’ll track it for you.

Alterations & Returns

What’s your returns policy?

It’s simple. We offer a 100%-satisfaction guarantee on all of our pieces. If you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase, we’ll either alter it or remake it. In the rare case you’re still not totally satisfied, we’ll offer a full refund. That’s how certain we are you’ll love your tailor-made garments.

If I have something remade or altered, will my online measurements get updated?

Our team, or your dedicated style consultant, will update this for you in your account. We’ll make the necessary adjustments to your online sizing profile based on your feedback to ensure your next online purchase fits as it should.

Measurements & Sizing

How should I take my measurements?

That depends on what you’re buying.

For shirts, we recommend using our autosize feature, which is accurate, easy and quick.

For suits, we recommend booking in a fitting to see one of our style consultants and getting the most accurate fit possible with our 3D-printing technology.

Alternatively, check out our measurements page for a thorough breakdown of how you can take your measurements.

What happens if my garment doesn’t fit?

We offer a 100%-perfect-fit guarantee on everything we make. What that means is simple.

For shirts: If your shirt doesn’t fit quite right, we’ll remake it.

For suits: If your suit isn’t positively perfect, we’ll organise any necessary alterations to be made – at no cost to you.

In the rare case you’re still not satisfied, we’ll offer a full refund.

Is it possible to change my measurements on a current order?

If you’d like to make any last-minute changes to the measurements you’ve submitted, contact us as soon as you can. The sooner, the better.

Do you store my measurements online for future orders?

We save your measurements to your account, so that we can make any adjustments if required, and you can easily reorder the same fit in the future.

If you were completely satisfied with the fit, we’ll leave them as they are. If you require any adjustments, we’ll update your measurements for you – and store those instead.

What clothing should I wear when I measure myself?

Simple clothing with minimal ripples or items in pockets. When you’re measuring an existing garment, simply lay the garment out onto a table.

How does autosize work?

We’ve collected data from over 60,000 online shirt orders. And used that data to create a simple process that can accurately generate a fit that’s perfect for you.

To date, it’s proven 95% accurate (See our reviews) – which we think is pretty remarkable. But if you fall into the 5% of people who aren’t totally, absolutely satisfied with the fit of your shirt – we’ll remake it. And for free.

Body Scan

What is a 3D body scan?

Our body scanner maps out your physical dimensions with pinpoint accuracy. But it doesn’t stop there.

Once we’ve got this scan, we’ll feed it into our 3D printer and create a lifelike mannequin of your body. One that captures every groove, slope and shape that affects how a suit will sit, drape and gather on your unique profile.

Our cutting-edge 3D-printing technology ensures a suit that fits right. The first time.

Is my identity safe when I get scanned?

You bet it is. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

Our 3D scanner doesn’t capture any lifelike images of your body or face. Rather, it uses a CGI rendering of your person. The details that make you recognisable are reduced to a mesh. This means no actual photos of you are ever stored on our systems at any point during the scanning and printing processes.

What do you do with my scans? What exactly gets stored?

We store a 3D mathematical model with no personal data attached. No real images, and no metadata including timestamps, are in the data. This data is stored in a double encrypted server with the highest level of security.

Is the scan safe for my health?

It sure is. To take your measurements, the scanner uses no more than a humble little camera lens. That’s it. It’s no different from having your friend snap a picture of you on their smartphone.

How long does the scan take?

The scan itself takes only a couple of minutes. Giving you more time in the fitting to talk everything style and customisation with your style consultant.

What do I need to wear when I get scanned?

If you’re not comfortable getting scanned in your underwear (keeping in mind you’ll be the only one in the room during the scan), we recommend wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt or singlet as well as tight-fitting shorts.

To ensure a perfect-fitting suit, we need your 3D mannequin to be as true to your body as possible.

Note: If you have a suit with a fit you love, bring it along (if it’s convenient). It’ll give our style consultant a good idea of your personal style preferences and help with the way we map out your measurement pattern. The more details we have, the better.

Do I need to come to you to get scanned?

Our scanner is completely mobile. So if you book a fitting at home or in the office, our style consultant will bring the fabrics – and scanner – to you.

Are the 3D printouts environmentally friendly?

Good question. And yes, absolutely. Your 3D double is made from cornstarch-based materials that are 99% biodegradable and 100% reusable. So once your 3D helper has served its purpose, it’ll get crushed down into a little cube and then recycled – all ready to get printed again… and again, and again.


How secure are my credit-card details if I make a purchase online?

As safe as you can get. Our website is secured by 128-bit encryption, and none of your credit-card details are stored on our site.

What payment methods do you offer?

Visa, Mastercard and American Express (AMEX) and PayPal. In Australia, we also offer Afterpay.

Do I have to pay the total cost of my order upfront?

Because all of our garments are made for your body and your body only – meaning, we can’t resell them if you change your mind – we require full payment upfront.

Fabrics, Pricing and Process

How much do your suits cost?

Two piece suits start from $1,000. Prices depend on the type of fabrics and customisation options you would like and your consultant will help you choose based on your budget.

What are Tailors Mark suits made from?

Our tailor-made suits can be made in a wide range of different fabrics. From breathable linens to fine Merino wool, plush velvets to wool-cotton blends – we’ve got fabrics for all tastes, budgets and styles. For more information on the fabrics we offer, click here.

How are the suits made?

Although machines can do a good job at laser cutting fabrics, we’re perfectionists. To ensure every millimeter of your measurement pattern is cut, stitched and pressed to perfection – a human touch is needed. That’s why all of our suits are made by hand.

How do I care for my shirt?

For a full care guide on shirts, click here.

How do I care for my suit?

For a full care guide on suits, click here.

Are all your clothes custom-made?

They sure are. It’s what makes us different from off-the-rack shopping. When you buy a piece from us, you’re getting something that’s unique. Designed by you and made by us – for you and you only.

Gift Vouchers

I have a discount / promotional code. How do I use it?

You can enter your code at the final checkout page.

How do I redeem a gift voucher?

You’ll find a discount code on your gift voucher. To apply the voucher, enter this code in at the final checkout page – just as you would a promotional code.

I’m having trouble entering my code / voucher. What should I do?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help.

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